SERCF Travel Fund

Student and Early Researcher Conference Fund (SERCF)
IEEE R10 Industry Relations Committee

IEEE R10 HTC and R10 Industry Relations Committee (IRC) Student and Early Researcher Conference fund (SERCF) programme is willing to offer financial assistance to IEEE Student members and other members of age below 35 years to enrich their exposure and experience, which includes but is not limited to:

  • 1- Presenting at a conference
  • 2- Participating in full conference, Industry Track or Focused Sessions, Hackathons, and Internship organized by the conference
  • 3- Acquiring new knowledge that benefits the applicant’s academic/Research work


  • 1- Funding is available to all IEEE Members wishing to attend a conference or Industry Track or Focused Sessions. Student/YP shall be registered as a full time Bachelor, Master or Ph.D. student in engineering or a related field in a college or university when submitting the application.
  • 2- Students/IEEE Members are eligible to receive up to a maximum of $300
  • 3- Acquiring new knowledge that benefits the applicant’s academic/Research work


  • 1. Funding disbursal are provided on an expense reimbursement basis. (Receipts must be submitted to respective sections before payment is made).
  • 2. If receipts provided total is less than the original funding amount, then the funding amount will be changed accordingly.
  • 3. This Funding is only applicable to who confirm to attend Industry Track/Hackathons/Innovation events of one of the 2022 IEEE HTC


  • 1. Due to limited funds, not all requests that meet the established criteria will be approved. We process all applications on a first come, first-served basis until all program funds are expended.
  • 2. Funding payment will be transferred to respective IEEE sections after the conference has ended with an instruction to transfer to beneficiaries.
  • 3. Funding transfers will only be issued after the conference has officially ended and beneficiary has attended the Industry Track/Hackathon of respective conference.


  • 1. Applicants who receive alternate funding from other IEEE Entities for the same travel and/or conference being applied for are not eligible for funding.
  • 2. Applicants who are receiving any wage or honorarium for their attendance at the conference are not eligible for funding.
  • 3. IRC will provide funding for Registration/Travel support to attend a conference.
  • 4. Same person cannot avail travel support for more than one conference.
  • 5. Should the above mentioned conference becomes virtual, the awarded fund may be used to compensate for the student’s registration, hackathon, or internship resulting from internship sessions organized.