Professional Activities

IEEE Region 10 Professional Activities
16 September 2022

Title: Technology-Based Solution combined with the building of local capacity

Abstract: Professional development for any professionals, maybe for young professionals or mid-career professionals or retire or near retiring age helps develop new skills, stay-to-date on current trends, and advance in their careers

Unfortunately, many professionals are not investing in their career development and do nothing to upgrade or improve their current skill set. They often lag with those who have been continuously learning new skills and improving themselves with different sets of skills and technologies.

IEEE has been striving to provide such opportunities for its members and volunteers to learn and apply the new knowledge and skills that can help them in their job and further their careers. Any professional development skill is not only for just your upbringing, this also helps for your employer and society at large. IEEE is the largest professional organization of engineers and technologists and sets its mission and vision as “Advancing Technology for Humanity”.

To improve the quality of life of marginalized communities worldwide through the design and development of technology-based solutions combined with the building of local capacity. IEEE has a unique role and acknowledges its responsibility towards addressing and lessening the challenges that face humanity through technological innovation and with the help and support of their dedicated volunteers.

This paper/presentation mainly focuses on the areas where an IEEE member/volunteer may contribute to the betterment of humanity and at the same time enhance their professional development and learn new skills and learn how to implement UN’s SDGs.



Associate Professor & Head of Department (Computer Science)

Usman Institute of Technology (UIT) Karachi, Sindh

Chair IEEE Professional Activity Committee (2021-22)

Brief Profile:

Parkash Lohana (MS., B.E) is an Associate Professor and Head of Computer Science at Usman Institute of Technology Karachi, Sindh- Pakistan. He has more than 29 years extensive experience as an engineer, as faculty, as a head of department, and as a head of academic institution. Mr. Lohana’s professional interests are Information Systems, Information System Audit, Software Engineering, Human Computer Interaction, Electrical Power Engineering, Engineering & Technology Management, and Engineering IT Education. He has presented his research papers in local as well as international conferences held in Pakistan under Higher Education Commission and Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). He has served National Engineering Services Pakistan (NESPAK) as an electrical engineer for about 9 years on different national electrical engineering projects. He was the recipient of an Honorarium from NESPAK for his extra ordinary services in NESPAK and Excellent Performance award by UIT (Usman Institute of Technology). He has published two of his articles in IEEE Engineering and Technology Management Review in June and September 2015 issues respectively. He has been invited as speaker in several national and international conferences/congresses to deliver the seminars and conducted workshops on Engineering for Global Development. Mr. Parkash Lohana, inducted as a professional member in IEEE HKN in 2021, an honor society of IEEE. He also served as chair and vice chair of IEEE Karachi Section for about eight years, and currently serving chair SIGHT Karachi Chapter. Under his able leadership SIGHT Karachi has done with one mega project in 2016-17. He has been the R10 executive committee member since 2017 and serving as a chair for the following R10 committees:

  • Chair R10 Professional Activities Committee (2021-22) recently appointed
  • Chair R10 Membership Development Committee (2019-20)
  • Chair R10 Humanitarian Technology Activities Committee (2017-18)